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Warung telaga present in the middle of the tourist destination of Sidemen Area. It‘s located in outskirt of Bali, eastern of Bali specifically at Jalan raya sidemen, desa telagatawang, clearly in front of the Kantor Camat Sidemen.

Eating out in Bali can be one of the highlights of your visit to explore Bali, especially. There are so many warung and restaurants to choose from, with a variety of cuisine's and with each warung and restaurants trying to offer you something differents. See our 'Warng Telaga by cuisine' list for the variety available. The most restaurants are in close proximity to each other and of course centered on the main tourist activities.

It’s Not so many Warung has and require reservations, but you might to check our database on www.warungtelaga.com to make sure, especially for popular Warung in sidemen which is available and ready to serve your with personalize services and Varity of foods and beverages.

The most activities you can do here in sidemen like ; Trecking, eco-cycling, temple or village tour to watching how the people village in sidemen make it a traditional leaqure that we called “ ARAK” and watch the people; how to make it a hand weaving of tenun ikat and tenun cagcag that we called “BALINESE ENDEK & SONGKET”

As long as the way on the villages you can explore the exotic panorama and sightseeing very nice view of paddies terrace, valley, hill and mountain around. Further please feel free to see our programs activities by making reservation through contact us to make a reservation at 0361 7444299 or 0366 5300581 or email us at info@warungtelaga.com


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